June 4. – 11. 2017 Healing through silence, yoga (Scaravelli) and compassionate touch (metta)

June 4.- 11.2017 Healing through silence, intuitve yoga (Scaravelli inspired), meditation and compassionate touch  (metta)

ChezzenThis silent retreat is particularly suitable for people who like to explore, silence, meditation, yoga (Scaravelli inspired) and healing touch. We welcome beginners and advanced practitioners.

What are our themes

  • Exploring a deeper body-breath-mind connections and discovering new levels of your whole being, in motion and in stillness
  • Breathing into open space and sensing the depth in your body by moving intuitively in accordance with the pulsation of every living cell.
  • Observing your thoughts and also facing your fears to discover peace within simply being and acknoledging the given moment.
  • Wait, watch and wonder through the doors of forgotten pathways to and from your heart. Connecting with the faraway horizon and staying rooted in the here and now can be a very reawarding experience.
  • Rrecognizing the possibility to grow beyond the chatter in the mind and redescover the silent beauty within the nature of all existence.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love” – Rumi

We spend 5 days in silence and 7 days on site

Chezzen retreat center is nestled in the beautiful coutryside of the Gascogne in South France, between Toulouse and Bordeaux. It is a magical place where you have the freedom to pause and the opportunity to come back to yourself. Through the practice of meditation, movement, Healing touch and through rhythm and sound, we connect again with the true heart of “being-in-tune” with nature and all living beings.

Silent times…

… Increase the energy level, engender a deepening of body-mind awareness and remind ourselves of the importance to practice equanimity, self-love and  compassion for others to bring more peace into existence.

We encourage everybody to remain silent during 5 days and keep physical and mental activities on a minimum. Phones and Internet should remain switched off.

During Yoga and healing touch classes we allow a minimum of commuication if important questions are coming up.

How a day looks like (adaptable)

  • 08:30 Yoga Biodynamics (intuitive Yoga/Scaravelli inspired)
  • 09:30 Ayurvedic breakfast
  • 10:30 Free time for walks and rest or private sessions with Ursula
  • 12:00 Meditation
  • 13:15 Garden bar snacks, salads, wholesome food and drinks available for a lunch of your choice.
  • 14:00 Free leisure time for walks, massage, sauna, saltwater pool
  • 16:30 Healing touch with elements of Craniosacral therapy, Thai massage, meditation
  • 18:30 Delicious dinner with three courses
  • 20:00 Thematic evenings with film, dance and star gazing or doing nothing.
  • Final ritual and chanting at the end of the week.

Retreat price

  •  shared double room w/ own bathroom, half board € 400
  •  single room w/ own bathroom, half board                € 450
  • SEMINAR costs € 300
  • Airport Shuttle per ride € 25

What is not included in the price:

  • 1 to 1  Yoga Therapy session with Ursula
  • Osteo Thai massage and Craniosacral Therapy session with Ursula
  • Ayurvedic oil massages with Nadia
  • Detox regeneration through magnet-field-therapy iLife SOMM
  • Lunch at the garden bar with fresh salads, herbs from the garden and the latest inspirations from our wholesome cuisine
  • Airport shuttle

Seminar language: Englisch, German

chezzen silent retreat

The teachers

Ursula Margharita

Intuitive Yoga Biodynamics & healing touch:

As a multiple certified body therapist, yoga teacher, movement coach and dancer, Ursula brings expertise and many years of experience into the classroom. Her work is sparked with a fresh and inspiring mix of ancient yogic knowledge and the latest discoveries in holistic bodywork and movement research. Also appreciated as an excellent Thai and Osteo-Thai massage & Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, Ursula has a special talent to intuitively approach everybody as a unique individual and to support each person at the level that is appropriate for them.

Isabel Rössle

Guided meditation:

Isabel is the founder of Chez Zen. She is a meditation teacher and also a psychologist.