Yoga at Jardim South Goa Agonda

Yoga at jardim South Goa AgondaNamasté and welcome to the Yoga at Jardim ,South Goa Agonda!

This season we invite you from the 1st of Dec. 2016 onwards to enjoy a distinct program with Ursula & Karl ( withYoga at Jardim ( ,South Goa Agonda.

Karl and Ursula are back in Agonda (formerly Holycow-Yoga)! Having taught two winters in the mountains of Tamil Nadu, they will now teach in

They will make you familiar with Yoga Biodynamics (Scaravelli inspired), bring active joint mobilisation to your body, show you a few handstand tricks, play AcroYoga on the beach and celebrate their joyous Kirtan evenings in Jardim with you.

Our outdoor Yoga space is nestled under a Palm tree heaven with shade and the sounds of the ocean, a touch of the sea breeze and only a few steps from the beach away.

We offer: yoga and yoga therapy/ pranayama/ meditation/ vitality and flexibility/ inner strength/ AcroYoga/ Therapeutic Flying/ Mantra singing (Kirtan).


The daily Yoga classes are adapted to the individual, safe, therapeutic, professional, collective and with a pinch of humor. We look forward to meet, non-experienced, as well as yoga professionals.


Yoga Biodynamics (Scaravelli inspired) & Body Breathing

These classes are intuitive and slow. Listening and becoming aware of the lightness in the body and especially of the spine, are sensed and refined. Not the external muscle power but the deeper inner flow of motion and its orientation of the forces are addressed and used here.


Yoga Vitality & Basic AcroYoga

These classes provide a good balance and address active joint mobilization to increase vitality and strength. We dip into movement and postures that represent stability, balance and momentum. We sharpen our perception and differentiation of various body parts and the fun factor is included too.


Our Philosophy: Come and be yourself, move within your possibilities and let go of your expectations. Be kind to yourself and respect others. Enjoy experiential learning, breathe pure nature and connect with like-minded people.

The Yoga team:  Karl and Ursula are well-trained, certified yoga teachers and movement experts with many years of experience. Their expertise is a fresh and inspiring mix of old yogic knowledge and latest findings in the theory of motion.