Yoga Biodynamics Immersion Zürich 24-25 Sept. 2016

Yoga Biodynamics Immersion Zürich 16-17 Sept. 2017

intuitive Yoga

inspired by Vanda Scaravelli & the teachings of Diane Long

2 Tage Yoga Biodynamics Immersion in Zürich 24-25 Sept. 2016 von 10:00 – 15:00

180 CHF  / Plätze limitiert max. 10 persons /Untrricht auf Deutsch und Englisch

im Ausbildungszentrum AKS: Weidemannstrasse 6, 8046 Zürich

mit Ursula Margharita, buchen bei

yoga sept 2017 zürich

Yoga Biodynamics Immersion Zürich 16-17 Sept 2017


breathe – be aware – listen to each moment – let the body move

In this seminar we awaken the spine, engage the midline and explore the – psoas – diaphragm – connection – space.

Refine your body awareness and stay connected in motion & in stillness!
2 days of YogaAsana and breath inquiry for deeper inner connection. Sprinkled with the wisdom of sensible touch from
Craniosacral therapy, Thai massage and Therapeutic fly.

Yoga Biodynamics Immersion

What is Yoga Biodynamics?

This Yogapractice is experiential, playful, powerful and sensitive. It addresses each person’s body individually and as something which is inherently whole.

It is not a practice to achieve, it is an invitation to be. A listening into the moment of each move. It is an exploration of the qualities and the connections within and throughout the body.

We take a brake from the “Doing” and the “Wanting” and  connect to the way the body is naturaly designed to move.

I use hands-on practice, not to correct the body but to assist the body in its flow, allowing the focus of the doer to shift towards the listening, the observing and the tuning in.

I invite you to this journey of discovery.

Yoga practitioners, teachers and movement explorers of all styles are invited to come and play with the song of their body.  Join us at our Yoga Biodynamics Immersion in Zürich 24-25 Sept. 2016.

Namaste liebe Yoginis und Yogis, ich freu mich auf ein inspiriendes Miteinander.

hier noch ein kleines Video  zur Inspiration

Love & smiles Ursula Margharita