About us Ursula Margharita & Karl Rademacher

ABOUT US Ursula Margharita & Karl Rademacher

Ursula Margharita


Ursula is based in Andalucia/Spain and works & travels in Asia throughout the winter season. She loves to share her gifts as a sensitive, joyous and inspirational Movement Coach and Yoga Teacher(Scaravelli inspired), Osteo Thai Massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Ursula facilitates seminars and retreats in Europe and Asia and works as a professional Body Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Coming from a dancer/choreographer background, she brings 30 years of experience into the fields of healing Bodywork and Yoga (her main teachers Diane Long and A.G Mohan & Indra Mohan with a knowledge of complementary modalities such as Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique, Body-Mind-Centering and Release & Alignment Techniques.
Her passion lays in guiding people to truly connect with their bodies, by using movement and breath awareness and bringing consciousness to the spine . How to move gracefully and how to sit comfortably, how to connect with your inner strength and how to use the right amount of effort in the right places. It really is about listening to the natural flow of life, hearing our body resonating and revealing its own inherent intelligence. Movement is life and life is breath and silence brings us to that wide open space were we can truely align and find union with all.  As we pay attention and listen to how we move, how we breathe, how we connect, we will experience beauty, unfolding in so many different ways, everyday anew.
Beginners mind is best – as I will never know  –  what tresure lays within  –  of what I cannot see  – I only can remain  – within that childlike curiosity  –  and wait, watch  & wonder! Ursula Margharita


Karl Rademacher


Karl is a certified Parther Acrobatics teacher and Thai Massage Therapist, trained in Osteo Thai and a student of grand master Pichest(Thai Massage) in Chiang Mai. In Kerala he learned the ancient Art of Kalaripayatu Massage. Back in the mid 80ties he started with Bodywork, Contact Improv and New Dance at the University of Amsterdam and trained in Aikido and Capoeira. His Yoga and Pranayama practice began in the 90ties in Berlin. He also practiced Dynamic Meditation and Prana Healing and studied the intuitive Yoga with Diane Long. His yoga style is deeply rooted in his own experiences of listening and releasing into the flow of movment, sending the breath into different parts of the body, helping it to undo tension, to build trust and stability and to create space inside and around ourselves. He also produces ambient-lounge and dance-music and over the last years getting back to the indian roots, enjoying, playing, singing and sharing Kirtan and Bhajans. Besides a devoted cook who loves to create delicious food, Indian-Ayurvedic, Japanese and Thai style.