Yoga Biodynamics what is it?

Yoga Biodynamics what is it?


be still – be aware – listen to the movement – embrace the moment, smile and let the breath go in all directionsYoga Biodynamics what is it?

engaging the body, exploring the rivers of motion, breathing in – breathing out, moving is interrelating and omnipresent, mind is stillness in open space.

This Yoga practice is experiential, playful, powerful and sensitive. It addresses each person’s body individually and as something which is inherently whole. See Yoga Biodynamics and the Spirit of Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga Biodynamics is a sense of wholeness. It is not a practice to achieve something, it is an invitation to be with your body in each moment. It is an exploration of the qualities and the connections within and throughout the body. A letting go of the “Doing” and the “Wanting” and starting to listen to the way the body is designed to move.

I use hands-on practice to assist the body in its flow, allowing the focus to shift towards the listening and the tuning in. I invite you to this journey of discovery. Yoga practitioners, teachers and movement lovers of all styles are invited to sing the song of the body.

As we learn how to let go of „the Doing”, „the Wanting”, „the Pushing“ and „the Pulling“, there is a space emerging where movement can happen the way it is designed to be, supporting us to flow and to move gracefully and with ease.

The movement within and between tissues, the material we are made of, communicating through us, with us and with others …how does the whole body breathe?… How do our cells communicate?…How do we interrelate and connect with eachother and our surroundings?…How do we flow?

The importance of fluids, directions and space within the body lays in the pulsation of life itself, the body is singing its own song. We can listen carefully and pay attention to its notion and somewhere in the distance, connect to that wide open space where freedom lays.

Yoga Biodynamics is inspired through many years of  Dance, Hatha Yoga, Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Partner Yoga, Thai Massage, Osteo-Thai Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and other movement forms such as Contact-Improvisation, Tai-chi. Ideokinesis.

However the biggest influence comes from my beloved teacher Diane Long and the teachings of her intuitive Yoga. Diane was one of the few long term students of the late Vanda Scaravelli (1902 – 1991) and has explored and refined Yoga for most of her life. Diane offers and at times confronts you with a never ending source of true inspiration in how to listen to the song of the body, leading you to discover that your body is your greatest teacher.

My other important influence to this Yoga practice comes from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. My deepest gratitude goes to my teacher Christina Groetsch who has taught me how to truly listen with the heart. She accompanied and taught me during three years to become a fully licenced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. The ongoing postgraduate seminars with Michael Shea are providing a wonderful chance to deepen the practice of listening and his wise knoledge of the newest sientific research, he presents with seriosity and humor. His tireless studies and investigations of how to heal the heart and restore inherent vital forces through Biodynamic Cardio-Vasculare Therapy, are helping me to gain a deeper knowledge through experiential embryology and meditation with primary respiration.

In Yoga Biodynamics we work with our bodies in synchronicity to its own inner motion. We practice to listen and to trust our deepest inner voice and to move accordingly. The body follows the breath, slowly and with open awareness, observing and accepting whatever there is at the moment.


Yoga Biodynamics what is it?.About Ursula Margharita