Yoga Biodynamics in Practice, Quality & Wholeness

Yoga Biodynamics in Practice. Isn’t it more interesting to put the focus of yoga asana into the quality & wholeness in motion, rather than fixing the pose?

In the practice of Yoga Biodynamics we deliberately address the body as an intelligent force in its own right. Biodynamics simply means all there is at the moment. Let us call it wholeness and give our body the rare pleasure of leadership, as we listen, breathe and move accordingly, through and with the body.

Yoga Biodynamics in Practice

It is not the pose itself, teaching me how to be fully connected as a being. It is the universal forces and its directions, acting through my body and within the pose, that brings understanding and awareness in life.

In Yoga Biodynamics we don’t do poses, we focus on subtle motions arising within the body as our body connects with the forces coming from the outside. The Asana serves as a guidline, not as a means to its end.

Practicing Asana in a biodynamic way is more like a field research, where I am looking for those places where strength and softness meet, where space and time melt, where freedom, stability and grace are breathing together and where the dynamic stillness within allows the space to connect with the melody of movement itself.

Exploring movement not as a doer but as an observer brings a different perspective into my practice. I am witnessing movement, emotion, direction and space running through me. It is not a linear process, it all happens at the same time. The differentiation and refinemnet comes with the practice at any given moment and it keeps changing at all times. The mind merely makes the choices where to put the focus and how to be alert without interfearing with the nature of motion !

Simply to recognize myself as a feeling, moving and breathing being, with an infinit varation of possibilities allows my body to move towards and beyond the Asana, away from the me, wanting to do the Pose. When this happens there is a discovery that something else is moving me, something not directed from the mind.

Yoga is movement away from the mind as I learned from one of my teachers  A.G. Mohan svastha yoga therapy CHENNAI